Character Origins

Here are the basic rules. The backgrounds are first come and first serve, and two characters can’t have the same background. You also don’t have to tell your fellow players what background you have (though sometimes it will be obvious). There are no restrictions on the backgrounds. Let your imagination and character building savvy run wild.

Agent-Strange things are afoot in Kygreum. Your character is an agent of a powerful group from outside the Capital; a group with its own agenda relating to its race’s plight in the region. Particulars depend on the race you choose.

Ambassador- Shunted to this edge of the Volyn Empire—maybe for some slight against a powerful person in your own land—you are searching for a little excitement and maybe some way you could possibly advance your people’s influence or standing in Kygreum.

Brush With the Past-For as long as you can remember you have had horrible nightmare. Nightmares of wars, death, murder violence, loneliness, and loss. As you grew you became to research the images you saw in your dreams. Imagine your shock when you learned that each of your nightmares were historical events that occurred hundreds, and thousands of years ago. Why do you have these nightmares and what do they mean?

Chosen-When you were born a stranger visited your family’s home. Placing a strange marking on your body and telling your parents that you would be summoned when you were ready and needed. Leaving without another word you and your parents have never seen nor heard from the stranger again, but the marking on your body remains.

Devout- For as long as you can remember you have felt at home amongst the churches and temples of your god. Priests of your deity have called you devout and faithful where those outside the faith call you obsessive. You see the signs of your god often and believe that only you can understand their full meaning.

Explorer- You’re an explorer looking for permanent overlaps between the Feywild and the World. You’ve heard stories about the Twilight Vale and the Mist Mage, but have yet to visit the mist-enshrouded valley or its strange eladrin master.

Fall from Grace- Your family was once the wealthiest in the region, known throughout most of the world for their prospering business. You enjoyed a pleasant pampered life, where you were given anything you wanted. One day all of this changed and you found yourself living in a rundown home, with your family, and little money. Whenever people hear your last name they laugh and mock you. As you grew up you began to wonder, what caused your family’s fall from grace.

Hexed- You are cursed by a mysterious master, so mysterious that you don’t even know his identity. All you know is that his raspy voice occasionally compels you to do things, sometimes terrible things, but worse things happen when you refuse.

Last of the Order- You are a member of a once proud organization, known the world over. However times have been rough for your Order. You haven’t seen another member in years and rumors say you are the last living member of the Order. Will you try to bring the Order back from oblivion or will you let it fade away to the pages of history?

Mercenary- An indentured mercenary bound to the Compulsor, a high ranking noble of the Shadowlands, your freedom is only two years away unless you can find a way to end it sooner.

Naturalist- You have always felt at home in the outdoors. When amongst nature you feel whole, welcome, and accepted. Wild animals have no fear of you and interact with you often. The plants seem to greet you and bow in your presence. This closeness with nature is often misunderstood and feared by many. The words “freak” and “unnatural” are whispered by some as you walk by. What is the source of your mysterious gift.

Orphan-You’re an orphan of the disappeared village of Fidel. A wandering oracle of Valkaeys prophesized that Fidel could only be found by its last scion. Presumably that last scion is you

Seeker- You’re on the trail of Rassallian of Quince, or, more precisely, the book of spells he secreted away from poor, doomed Karaius. According to the Lexicon of Nyms the Blackhanded, Rassallian was heading to Greenbrier, the home of his ancestors when he escaped Karaius.

Sidhe Family-Through some deal in your family’s past you are connected with a high ranking Fey of the Winter Court, named Leanansidhe. Calling herself your godmother she appears, usually , when you are in great need, offering her assistance in exchange for something from you. These “deals” often land you in sticky situations, but if you hadn’t made those deals you would probably be dead by now. Despite Leanansidhe’s “kindness” you constantly reminder yourself that she is a Fey creature, cunning, conniving, cruel, and will do anything to gain more power over you.

Character Origins

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