In the world of Kygreum the continent of Callimhros, known as the Middlelands, was once a nation of near constant war and turmoil. Civil wars and infighting between the races nearly destroyed the region. Until the day the Skraeling arrived on the shores of Trevath, and former enemies were forced to become allies in order to battle an even greater threat.

The Skraeling were forced out of Callimhros after 21 years of war, leaving the nations inhabitants exhausted and, for once, longing for peace, in order to rebuild their homes and the land.


Nearly four thousand years have passed and the Skrealing have become nothing more then bedtime stories to most of the inhabitants of the Middlelands. Peace has lasted between the races and a sense of brotherhood has evolved. Without wars and large scale battles to fight the need for a well trained standing army is next to none. The army as it currently stands is made of mostly part time soldiers and a few regiments of well trained soldiers. A shadow of its original self the Cardinal Legion would be ill prepared for another large scale war, but such fears are almost comical when mentioned to any citizen, since the last war is beyond memory for many.

Unknown to the peoples of Callimhros, dark times lie ahead.

Though the Skraeling were defeated, they were not destroyed. Rumors have been surfacing of strange encounters and occurances in the Hymattus mountains to the north and the Ordos desert to the south. There are whispers that the Skrealing have returned to the Middlelands, but it is not the return of a hated enemy that should cause the people of Kygreum to worry…but the nightmare that rides behind it…

If the rumors are true war would return to the Middlelands and the people are not prepared. Are there no heroes, trained in the old ways of warfare? Will no one be able to stop the Skrealing this time? Why have the Skrealing returned and what new evil has followed them to Callimhros? Will the storm clouds gathering over the Middlelands break and plunge the world into darkness?


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