Lords of Balance

The Horsemen, or the Lords of Balance as they are collectively known, are unique individuals even among gods. They are part of neither the Greater Pantheon or the Lower Pantheon and venerate balance amongst nature and the races of Kygreum.

They favor no race and have no known organized faith or chuches amongst the people of Kygreum.
The Horsemen’s true names are unknown and are instead named after the aspect of Balance they venerate: War, Pestilence, Famine,and Death.

Shadowed myths and legends speak of a fifth Horsemen who rules over the other Horsemen as the Archlord of Balance. However whether or not this fifth Horsemen exists remains a mystery as his presence has yet to be felt upon the Material Plane.

The Lords of Balance draw their power, like their names, from the aspect they venerate. It is therefore understood that the powers of the Lords of the Balance waxes and wanes depending on the number of wars, pestilence, famines, and deaths, which are usually orchestrated by one of the Horesmen themselves.

However the Horsemen gain no power from events they have not orchestrated themselves

Lords of Balance

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