In the distant north, where the endless cold of the Far North meets the churning darkness of the Shadowlands, hungry and powerful vampires rule a kingdom of nightmare and shadow. Far to the south, thousands of miles away in the sun scorched Ordos desert magic lies dead in the heat, but secrets wait buried beneath the shifting sands. In between these two extremes of culture and climate lie many dangers and mysteries, as well as countless varieties of people, human and otherwise.

From the semi-nomadic Varisians to the bloody assassins of Genovasia, the technology driven Gnomes to the forest dwelling Elves, the broad range of peoples who inhabit the continent of Callmahros, in Kygreum represent a wide swath of races, cultures, and individualism. And these many and varied folk share their lands with over a dozen other races: industrial dwarves, friendly halflings, eager half-elves, exotic adelinians, burly half-orcs, death defying reverants, demonic tieflings, quick tempered orcs, blood craving vampires, day-walking dhampyrs, and ethereal shadar-kai.

Yet despite all these residents of the land, most of the regions remain dangerous wilderness, deadly to the unprepared and frightening to the helpless. Fortunately for the many civilizations of the region, though, brave and hardy individuals constantly answer the calls to exploration, conquest, and adventure.

Here, then, is your chance to step up and make a name for yourself in the world of Kygreum—or, at least, to die a noble death in the quest for fortune and glory. If you seek to seal your place among the heroes of this dangerous land, to rise above the masses and achieve immortality in name and deed, then welcome, friend, to your destiny!


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