The Arcanaludem is Kygruem’s foremost magical academy. Practicality and specialization are emphasized there at the expense of flashiness, abstraction, and generalism. Journeymen are encouraged to practice and experiment with industrial and commercial uses for magic in addition to wartime magics. The Arcanaludem strives to protect and gather magic users across Kygreum and further their magical understanding and prowess.

Goal: Applied Magical Ascendant
The wizards of the Arcanaludem believe that magic exists to be put to use by those with the power to wield it. The academy recognizes that the more magic impacts the lives of ordinary people, the greater its reputation will become among the masses. An angry mob with torches and pitchforks is less likely to materialize if the commoners know the magical prowess of the Arcanaludem spreads far and wide, and is a power to be respected.

Alignment Neutral
The Arcanaludem is a pragmatic organization and doesn’t go in for complex ideology beyond its core tenet that magic is a powerful ally and those that can wield it must have instruction. Professors and students alike act on the philosophy that nothing is free and that anything worth having is worth paying for. This belief has led to the Arcanaludem’s waiver system, wherein poor apprentices work their way through school while their richer contemporaries spend their hours studying. Regions and sovereignties may receive many of the benefits of the Arcanaludem’s researches, but always for a price, never for free.

Grandmaster Lord Darroth of House Hightower (N male human wizard 14) is also the First of the Immortals of the battlemages of the Arcanaludem. Of course, in an academic environment, leadership is easier in theory than in practice, but that does not mean the Grandmaster is ignorant of combat or combat magic. Lord Darroth does a good job of keeping the docents moving in the same general direction through a combination of patronage, arm-twisting, and charisma. His second-in-command, the Second of the Immortals Vannessir of House Tevineg (N human female wizard 9) is a force to be reckoned with, since her position is appointed through byzantine procedures that largely protect her from Lord Darroth’s interference. As Second of the Immortals, Vannessir exerts some control over the curriculum, making her an important obstacle or ally.

Good Class Choices
Alchemist, Bard, Magus, Sorcerer, Wizard

Challenging Class Choices
Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue

The Arcanaludem is a large complex, taking up what would be several city blocks in the Scholar’s Quarter of the Capital. Inside is a veritable city of dorms, classrooms, offices, parks, training grounds, and monuments. The buildings tend toward gothic architecture. Most of the buildings abut and intertwine, allowing knowledgeable denizens to traverse the entire academy without once venturing outside.

Once a year, an open entry exam is held at the Arcanaludem. The exams are individual and individualized, testing current magical ability, magical aptitude, scholarship, and ability to follow directions. While each docent issues the exams in a slightly different way, the one universal is that every applicant has to have some aptitude for magic. Those who succeed are granted admission to the Arcanaludem, becoming students.
Arcane spellcasters’ magical ability determines their rank in the school: at 1st level they’re apprentices; at 2nd and 3rd level, journeymen; at 4th and 5th level, mavens; and at 6th level, arcanscenti. This ranking determines the status of the student on the Arcanaludem campus. Additionally a student who shows great potential in war magic may be accepted into the battlemages, a separate branch of the Arcanaludem whose highly trained mages focus their arcane studies into the areas of combat magic and are among the best, the brightest and most powerful students the Arcanaludem has to offer. Battlemage spellcasters’ magical ability determines their rank in the school: at 1st level they’re battlemage secondary; at 2nd level, battlemage primus; at 3rd level, Conjurer; at 4th level, evoker; at 5th level, spellbinder; and at 6th level, immortal.
While all are students, a maven is likely to be accepted by less experienced students as a teacher’s assistant, and an arcanscenti is respected much like a visiting professor.
Experienced mages may join the Arcanaludem as associates (rather than as students), gaining approximately the status of students of their level.

Gaining Prestige
Gaining prestige within the academy is often as simple as contributing new information, such as a new spell or magic item not found elsewhere in the school. Solving a high-profile problem in a way that emphasizes the value of practical magic can bring prestige as well, especially if it is done in the public eye. In addition to specific missions furthering the goals of the Arcanaludem, members gain 1 PA each time they gain a level in an arcane spellcasting class.

The Arcanaludem has one of the largest libraries of magic scholarship in Kygreum. Students can browse at will through the main stacks, which include every major scholarly work on combining magic with almost every human endeavor.
Restricted sections relate to topics deemed too dangerous for students or secrets held closely by the Arcanaludem. Most obscure and dangerous spells (and all those with the evil descriptor) reside in the special sections. In addition to spells and scholarly works, the Arcanamirium is filled with scholars who are willing to trade or even give away information on magical techniques.
There is an informal information chain, and questions about a particular topic will eventually be directed to an expert on the field in question.

1 TPA: When in the Arcanaludem library, gain a +5 on Knowledge (arcana) checks. The check takes 1 hour, reflecting the need to reference the appropriate materials.

1 TPA: Study in the library, whether for general knowledge or common spell theory. For GMs who require characters to research before adding spells to a wizard’s spellbook or alchemist’s formula book, library access provides sufficient research for this purpose.

1 CPA: Gain a +5 bonus on any one Profession or Craft check representing 1 week of work. This benefit requires daily access to the library for 1 hour each day during the week the check occurs.

1 CPA: Transcribe a common spell (any spell listed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, or any spell the GM feels is common in the world) from the school’s library into a wizard’s spellbook or alchemist’s formula book. This benefit does not require a Spellcraft check or any additional transcribing costs.

5 TPA, 1 CPA: Become familiar with an uncommon or rare spell (at the GM’s discretion) from the school’s library, allowing a bard, sorcerer, or similar spellcaster to select it as a spell known at the next available opportunity (this benefit allows such a caster to gain access to bard or sorcerer spells from sources other than the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook without having to do spell research or find a copy of the spell while adventuring).

5 TPA, 1+ CPA: Borrow a magic item from the school’s collection for 1 week. The CPA cost is 1 per 1,000 gp of the item’s market price. Increase this cost by 1 CPA if the item must travel far from the Capital, by 1 CPA if the use doesn’t further the interests of the academy, and by an additional 1 CPA if there is a significant risk of the item’s loss or destruction. Most of the school’s items are utilitarian (such as a lyre of building) rather than destructive or flashy (such as a horn of blasting). The school does not lend out charged items or items that are destroyed after use.

15 TPA, 2+ CPA: Perform independent spell research to create a new spell. This research takes 1 week, and the cost is 2 CPA per spell level of the new spell. This replaces the normal 1,000 gp per week per spell level cost listed on page 219 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

15 TPA, 2 CPA: Access a special section of the library for 1 week and gain a +10 bonus on any Knowledge check.

15 TPA, 2 CPA: Transcribe an uncommon or rare spell (at the GM’s discretion) from the school’s library into a wizard’s spellbook or alchemist’s formula book. This benefit does not require a Spellcraft check or any additional transcribing costs


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